There are
cannot be seen

'Examine by heart'

A bit overstated, but we always think that way
when we look at x-ray films.
Countless images, inorganic films…
Locked in a stark room,
examination easily becomes a mere 'task'.
So we close our eyes, and think this way.

Beyond this one piece of image, there is one single patient.
We must examine as if we are facing that person.

Every day, somewhere in this world,
there are people who are waiting for examination.
That is why we check up quickly, accurately,
and with responsibility.
Let Dr. Loupe be your partner
for medical image examinations.

Our profession; 'to discover'.


Cigarette – Future cannot be seen Life expectancy – Honesty cannot be seen Twins – Family ties cannot be seen Nose hair – Love ties cannot be seen The last day – Destiny cannot be seen